Will Microsoft Block Windows Users from Removing Chromium Microsoft Edge?

The Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser is still a work-in-progress, but both the official releases in the Dev, Canary, and Beta builds and the leaked versions making the rounds occasionally provide us with an early look at what’s to come when the app reaches the final development stage.

For example, the leaked installer for the stable version of the browser appears to suggest that Microsoft might actually block users from removing the application from Windows 10 devices when this release finally lands.

Discovered by TechDows, the lack of an uninstall option for Microsoft Edge could make sense at some level, especially when thinking that this would become the new native browser in Windows 10, replacing the existing version of the browser already bundled in the OS.

However, it’s worth emphasizing that this is just a leaked build of Microsoft Edg… (read more)
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