What You Need to Know About the New Password Manager in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla is working on adding a new password manager to the Firefox feature lineup, and the most recent Nightly build provides us with an early implementation.

While we’ve already talked about this password manager before, Firefox Nightly now features the so-called Firefox Lockwise enabled by default, allowing us to try it out before it makes its way to the production builds of the browser.

First and foremost, a few things about Firefox Lockwise.

This feature originally debuted on Android and iOS as a password manager, and despite being released as an experimental product, it quickly evolved to become a key project for the company.

Thanks to support for Firefox accounts, you can use Firefox Lockwise on all your devices where the browser is installed, including PC and mobile. This way, your passwords will roam across devices, so you’ll always have them no matter how you browse the web.

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