Ubisoft Launches Rabbids Coding, a Free Game That Teaches You to Code

Rabbids Coding is a brand new game developed by Ubisoft Montreal, which is now available for download to everyone with a Windows PC. Of course, you need an Uplay account to be able to download it, but it’s absolutely free.

Now, the catch is Rabbids Coding is a game designed to introduce you to the basics of coding, as the name suggests. The Rabbids Coding blurb from Uplay mentions the mischievous Rabbids invade a spaceship and make a mess. Players have to clean it up by entering programming commands into the spaceship’s operating system.

By doing that, players of all ages should be able to learn the basics of programming and algorithmic logic, the building blocks of coding. However, unlike the usual coding course, Rabbids Coding aims to make programming fun and accessible so that coding training is available to everyone.

Ubisoft designed Rabbids Coding so that it would be easy to use for first-time coders, suitable for players age seven and up (reading skills requ… (read more)
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