Three Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Features That Made Me Give Up on My iPhone

Samsung rushed to take the wraps off the new Galaxy Note 9 ahead of the 2018 iPhone generation, and now after trying it out, it all seems to be making sense for me.

First and foremost, by unveiling the Note 9 in early August, Samsung made sure that its new phablet would hit the market ahead of the revamped iPhones, technically getting pretty much all the attention.

This means not only press exposure, but also the many more potential buyers giving it a chance, especially as it’s supposed to be the best of the best in terms of Samsung phones.

Out of these potential buyers, some come from Apple’s ecosystem, and a number of them are current iPhone users. This is my case as well, though I must say from the very beginning that I’m using multiple devices at the same time for testing purposes. An iPhone X, however, has been my daily driver since launch.

But now after trying out the Note 9, I’m finally ready to say goodbye to the iPhone. I’m not sure this would be a long-… (read more)
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