The Sinking City Review (PC)

Oakmont, Massachusetts is the center of a mass hysteria outbreak that seems to be closely related to the ominous unnatural flooding that affected the entire town. The Sinking City’s prelude invites players to acclimatize themselves to the shockingly bleak atmosphere and the constant feeling of decay that engulfs Oakmont.

Although the game says you’ll play as Charles Reed, a World War I veteran turned private eye, in fact, you’ll step into Sherlock Holmes’ shoes as you try to uncover the mystery behind the supernatural creatures that have started to attack many of Oakmont’s residents. The protagonist himself is haunted by chaotic visions that seem to be related to what’s happening in Oakmont, the more reason to start explore the city and find some answers.

The Sinking City has many references to H.P. Lovecraft’s works, so if you’re familiar with some of them, you should be able to to easily recognize the unique facial traits of the fish-like innsmouthers and simian … (read more)
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