Sony Vaio VPCEH, VPCEJ, EH1L8E, EH1S0E, PCG-71911M, 91211M Screen Replacement

In this tutorial I will show you how to replace cracked/broken or flickering laptop screens on Sony Vaio VPCEH, VPCEJ, VPCEH1L8E, VPCEH1S0E, PCG-71911M, 91211M series. The Sony Vaio VPCEH, VPCEH1L8E, VPCEH1S0E, PCG-71911M series come solely with 15.5 HD LED LCD 

XBLACK widescreens with resolution of 1366 x 768 while the VPCEJ model PCG-91211M has a bigger 17.3. This replacement instruction can be used for many other Sony Vaio laptop notebooks.

Sony Vaio VPCEH Screen
Sony Vaio VPCEJ Screen
Sony Vaio VPCEH1L8E Screen
Sony Vaio VPCEH1S0E Screen
Sony Vaio PCG-71911M Screen
Sony Vaio PCG-91211M Screen

Broken Sony Vaio Laptop Screen
Usually to replace a laptop screen tools that are needed are precision screwdrivers and the LCD screen only.

One of the very most important thing when carrying
 out  laptop screens replacement is to remove the 
laptop battery before starting anything as if this is 
not done may cause more problems. So remove the 
battery and only use it if you have to test the screen 
during the replacement.

Remove rubber covers to expose screws

This image on the left shows how you will take 
the screw covers off which will then expose 
the screws holding down the bezel to the top 
part of the laptop. Remove the screws too and 
keep them safe.

The next thing is to place your fingers between 
the Sony Vaio screen and the bezel and start 
pulling slightly on all the sides until the bezel is 
pulled free from the laptop. This needs to be 
done carefully as shown in the images below.

The best trick is to pull up to remove bezel

For most Sony Vaios the bezel will be hard 
to remove. The trick is to pull up as in the image
 on the right. Sony Vaio  bezels are very fragile 
and can easily snap so do this with care. You 
must not pull too hard.

Looking at the picture below it is then time to remove the side screws holding the screen to the hinges arms. 
This is the major structure of the internal part of the screen mechanism whereby if this part is not well 
screwed back after the screen repair may result in the screen cracking on every impact. When removing 
the screws make sure they are well places so as not to have them mixed up.

Unscrew side screws holding the screen
In the image below you will see how the screen is placed face-down on the keyboard area to expose the back of the screen which consists of the screen display cable, connectors and screen part number. The part number for the Sony Vaio VPCEH, EH1L8E, EH1S0E and PCG-71911M notebook will have part number as below;
B156XW02 made by AU Optronics
LP156WH2 made by LG Philips
LTN156AT02, LTN156AT05, LTN156AT09 or LTN156AT16 made by Samsung
N156B6-L06 made by Chi Mei or N156BGE-L21 made by Chimei Innolux
All the above screens are compatible.
Back of Sony Vaio Screen
Carefully remove the yellow or clear tape, pull up the clear tape and carry out the data disconnection as below. 
This must be done with care as any mistake may cause a permanent damage to the cable or the connector.

Remove Clear Tape

Remove Display Cable Connection

The screen removal process is complete. To replace the screen you now need to carry out the 
instruction in a reverse order. 

Only buy original laptop screens as regular screens may not give you same quality and screen brightness control.

Hope this has helped you to replace your broken Sony Vaio Laptop Screen. Leave us a feedback by 
commenting and if you have any questions also use the comment form and I will reply you personally.

Sony Vaio Screen Removal


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