Samsung Galaxy S and Note Brands Could Come Together for One Almighty Phone

Samsung is reportedly looking into a new long-term plan that would streamline its flagship offering, helping to create a super-flagship that would include the best in the Galaxy S and Note series.

Basically, what Samsung might be planning to do is merge the Galaxy S and Note brands into one single series that would make more sense going forward, especially as the two already share the same hardware and feature lineup.

While the Galaxy S brand could absorb the Note, noted tipster Evan Blass says this isn’t just a typical rebranding.

“Samsung is said to be debating future Galaxy branding, including eliminating the distinction between the S and Note lines. Could manifest in different ways, possibly with a “Galaxy One” in lieu of an S11,” he posted recently.

“Expanding on this a bit, apparently what’s under discussion is more than just a branding realignment. Since S and Note features overlap so closely, one possibility is t… (read more)
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