Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review – Agent 007

As the world’s number one phone manufacturer, Samsung is always under pressure to push the innovation bar a step further with every new product release.

When it doesn’t, critics rush to predict the company’s collapse, but when it does, everyone is grateful that there’s someone who can actually deliver a worthy alternative to the iPhone.

This is exactly the role of flagship series Galaxy S and Galaxy Note, as both of them are supposed to launch with the best of the best Samsung has to offer with every new generation.

With sales of the Galaxy S9 believed to be more or less behind expectations, all eyes were on the new-generation Galaxy Note 9.

Leaks that surfaced earlier this year indicated the Note 9 would be nothing more than a product supposed to help Samsung buy more time until it comes up with the dramatically overhauled Galaxy S10, an anniversary model that would include all kinds of crazy and not-so-crazy things, like ultrasonic fingerprint sensors embedded … (read more)
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