Owners of Defective Google Pixels Could Get Up to $500 After Lawsuit

Google settled a class-action lawsuit regarding the first generation of Google Pixel launched back in 2016, some of which had problems with the microphone.

Google Pixel was coming hot on the heels of Google Nexus, and as the first phone in a new generation, it had a lot of expectations riding on it. It was a good phone, for the most part, but Google rushed it a little bit, and some of the devices had minor problems.

One of the issues was a defective microphone, and no one would have commented had Google replaced the phones or made repairs. Most likely, that would have meant that Google recognized the fact that it rushed the production, so they chose to ignore the problem.

Up to $500 in damages

Following a class-action lawsuit regarding the microphone, Google chose to settle the case $7.25 million. This doesn’t mean that Google acknowledges the problems, just that the matter is now considered closed.

In cases like these, not only the people that … (read more)
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