New Battle and Political Schemes Revealed for Romance of the Three Kingdoms 14

The Romance of the Three Kingdoms series has gone a long way, as KOEI TECMO is now preparing to launch the fourteenth installment. The upcoming title is set to debut early next year on PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam, but an exact release date is expected to be unveiled in the coming months.

To raise the hype around The Romance of the Three Kingdoms 14, the folks over at KOEI TECMO revealed some of the new gameplay features that players will be able to enjoy next year when the game launches.

In The Romance of the Three Kingdoms 14, the map of China is comprised of 46 cities and 340 regions, with each region representing a source of income through the collection of tiles. This means that the more land the player captures, the greater the benefit in resources like manpower and money.

Once you capture a piece of land, you will be able to cut off enemy armies, choking their supply lines. The battle for supply lines is one of the brand new gameplay features that The Rom… (read more)
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