Microsoft Says It Won’t Fix “Important” Windows 10 Mobile Security Vulnerability

If for some reason you’re still running Windows 10 Mobile, maybe this new security vulnerability convinces you it’s time to move on.

A security flaw discovered in Windows 10 Mobile allows a malicious actor to access you photo gallery from the lock screen without even unlocking the device.

Microsoft has already acknowledged the issue, but what’s worse is that the company won’t roll out a patch, leaving it unfixed.

The good part is that a successful attack technically requires an attacker to have physical access to the device and Cortana must be enabled to work on the lock screen. Otherwise, an exploit can’t work.

“A security feature bypass vulnerability exists in Windows 10 Mobile when Cortana allows a user to access files and folders through the locked screen. An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could access the photo library of an affected phone and modify or delete photos without authenticating to the system,” Microsoft explains in <a href… (read more)
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