Linux In, Windows Out: Huawei Laptops Coming With Deepin Linux Pre-Installed

Huawei has recently started selling laptops with Linux pre-installed after the company was added to the Entity List of the United States government and is no longer allowed to use Windows on new devices.

The mid-May sanction has forced the Chinese tech giant to look for alternatives, and while everybody knew Linux was the first option, Huawei has been working hard on its very own operating system as well.

Called HongMeng, this project eventually turned to be a platform for IoT devices, but it can easily convert to mobile and desktop if needed.

However, Linux appears to be Huawei’s choice in the short term, and the company thus launched the very first devices running this operating system in its home market.

Cheaper laptops

Matebook 13, Matebook 14, and Mateboox X Pro coming with Deepin Linux pre-installed are now available at VMALL, and the funny thing is that they’re even cheaper than their Windows siblings. This is most likely because of no li… (read more)
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