Independence Day: Apple Wants 5G iPhone with In-House Modem in 2022

We’ve known for a while that Apple wants to reduce reliance on third-party suppliers, and one way to achieve this was to develop an in-house 5G modem that would be installed on an iPhone.

The very-first 5G iPhone is projected to hit the shelves as soon as 2020, but it would only be powered by a Qualcomm chip.

Apple and Qualcomm settled their patent dispute earlier this year, and part of the agreement was a licensing deal that would have the iPhone use 5G modems developed by the San Diego-based chipmaker beginning with 2020.

But according to a report from Fast Company, Apple might not stick with Qualcomm modems for too long, as the company is pushing hard to finalize the development of its own 5G chip by 2022.

This is an ambitious target given the original target was 2023, but reports that made the rounds earlier this year suggested Apple was eve… (read more)
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