How to Try Out the New Reading View Features in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has made Reading View a priority in the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge, so the company keeps rolling out further refinements every once in a while.

Furthermore, Google itself is also working on its own set of updates for a similar Reading View feature, most likely as a result of Microsoft joining the Chromium project and providing the necessary resources for making this happen much faster.

Meanwhile, Microsoft keeps working on improving its own Reading View, and the latest build of Microsoft Edge Canary integrates new options to allow the reading experience better adapt to each user.

In other words, the software giant has implemented more customization options that users can try out by simply enabling a flag in the browser.

Reading View is a feature that allows you to read articles or documents online by reducing distractions, such as content that isn’t necessarily relevant for the reading experience. This is most helpful on news sites where the focus is… (read more)
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