Fury Unleashed Review (PC)

A surprise for the action platformer market, Fury Unleashed takes the community by storm with the fast-paced combat and the unique story telling mode.

Fast-paced adrenaline-filled thrill rides are hard to come by these days, especially in the gaming industry.
This is mostly because everyone pretty much tried their luck at anything possible just to see if it will stick, and while some games did indeed garner critical acclaim, some have been cast into the shadow of oblivion, never to be mentioned ever again.
Fury Unleashed is a game that does indeed live up to its name. While not and extraordinarily complex game, the level and enemy design does make it a challenge for anyone. 

The lore

You’re the hero of a comic book, and because of that, your story unfolds over several different arcs. These overarching stories don’t necessarily have anything to do with one another, as you will see for yourself.
As I was currently testing out the game, only 3 comic … (read more)
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