Facebook Hired Companies to Listen and Transcribe Personal Audio Messages

Facebook hired contractors to transcribe audio clips collected from its services, a decision that it’s sure to anger the community every more.

It’s getting difficult to keep track of all bad things Facebook is doing, usually by stepping over the privacy line with the gentleness of a bull in a china shop. Not a week passes by without learning of some new immoral (not necessarily illegal) practice from Facebook.

Just recently, Facebook and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission reached a settlement regarding some shady privacy practices, and now we learn that there is much more to the story. And what’s even worse is that these are little bits and pieces that fall off a much bigger puzzle which we can’t see.

Users agreed to it, is the official defense.

Of course, far be it from Facebook to do something illegal, and the company has a valid response. The audio clips were sent over their services, which might technically allow them to use them in some fashi… (read more)
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