Control Major Patch Fixes Multiple Crashes, Adds Performance Improvements

Remedy’s Control made its debut on PC and consoles late last month and from what we’ve been able to experience, it’s a masterpiece when it comes to visuals. Support for Nvidia’s RTX technology helped developers too, but Control is far from being perfect. The console version of the game has been plagued by performance issues since launch, which, hopefully, will be addressed in future patches.

A few days ago Remedy announced an important Control patch is making its way to PlayStation 4, which fixes many issues with the game. The same patch is now available on Xbox One and PC, so no matter what platform you’re playing Control, you can now download the update.

According to Remedy, this is just one of the many updates that Control will receive in an attempt to remedy all the issues that players reported since launch. Long story short, here are some of the changes that you can expect as … (read more)
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