Code Vein Review (PC)

For every Code Vein gameplay mechanic or feature, there’s one similar in Dark Souls. It’s like Bandai Namco dismantled Dark Souls, kept its skeleton and added its own gameplay features that are similar, but have different names.

Yes, the formula is the same 1:1, but combat is completely different. It’s not just the pace, which is much faster than Dark Souls, Code Vein’s combat system is deeper and more versatile. It allows for a lot more viable builds depending on the abilities and gear that players manage to find during their playthroughs.

Code Vein and Dark Souls have the same game mechanics, so anyone who’ve played anything Souls-like will feel right at home in Code Vein. But that’s about where the similarities end, as Bandai Namco’s dark anime takes a completely different route.

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