Clean Up Your Drives with a Quick Command in Windows 10 Version 1903

Windows 10 features new storage tools that help users automatically clean up their drives when they are running low on storage.

Storage Sense, a feature that originally debuted on Windows Phone, is available on Windows 10 PCs too, and it helps delete data like temporary files, content in Recycle Bin, and other unnecessary data automatically.

Furthermore, Storage Sense can take care of the available storage automatically, so whenever a certain threshold is reached, it can kick in and remove the files you no longer need on its own.

If you want to try out Storage Sense yourselves, launch the Settings app and head over to the following location:

Settings > System > Storage

But just like the previous Windows 10 versions, the upcoming version 1903 will also include Disk Cleanup, the famous tool that also lets you clean up your drives. Microsoft will deprecate this Windows utility, but in Windows 10 version 1903 you can still use it not only manually, but also… (read more)
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